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img592 300x199 Colorado Hard Money LenderMontegra Capital Resources has been Colorado’s premier hard money lender for 41 consecutive years.  We are a direct hard money lender, not a loan broker.  We have the funds and we make the decisions.  You always deal with the decision maker, not an intermediary. Montegra specializes in financing commercial real estate loans that banks and institutional lenders are not willing to fund.  Montegra also finances private capital loans on multi-family and residential investment properties.

Not all hard money lenders are the same. With 41 years experience, Montegra has developed a reputation as a trusted source for hard money loans in Colorado and the surrounding states.  Our real world experience has led us to a lending philosophy based around 5 core values.

Montegra’s 5 Core Values:

Speed - Quick response and quick closings are critical to real estate owners and investors.  Montegra typically responds to all loan inquiries the same day we receive them.  We close loans in weeks, not months.

Flexibility - Montegra structures loans in a way that helps the borrower achieve their goals.  We have no rigid rules on debt service coverage, vacancy rates, property types, and all the other bank requirements that create road blocks to getting loans done.

Fair Pricing - We price our loans at the lowest end of the hard money loan spectrum.  Our current rates for hard money loans on improved income properties are between 9.75% and 11.75% payable interest only. Land loans and non-recourse loans may require higher interest rates. Our loan fees are set between 2% and 4%.  Our loan terms fall between 6 months to 3 years.

Minimal Red Tape - You work with the decision maker. We do not have a loan committee.  We control the money and we make the decisions. You do not need to pay additional fees to a broker to help you find a lender – we are the direct lender.

No Surprises - Montegra Capital always provides an initial written term sheet outlining our loan terms.  If the terms work for our borrower, we provide a detailed written Commitment Letter.  We do not change our loan terms once you are committed.

Hard Money Loans

As a leader in the private capital hard money industry, we offer the most competitive hard money loan rates available.  We adapt our loan programs to fit the needs of the fast changing commercial real estate industry.  These changes require new lending strategies that offer our borrower the best choices in the hard money lending world.  Today, with opportunities to purchase properties at below market value, Montegra Capital is proud to introduce our Smart Buyer Loan Program. The Smart Buyer Loan Program allows you to unlock additional capital when you need it most.  See if this program fits your needs today.

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