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Colorado Hard Money Lender

For over 45 years, Montegra Capital Resources has served as Colorado’s premier hard money lender, developing a reputation as a trusted source for hard money loans in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain Region.  Montegra is a direct hard money lender, not a loan broker, and as such has complete control over the funds issued and the decisions made.

As an established private capital lender, Montegra specializes in financing commercial real estate loans that banks and institutional lenders are not able to fund.  Montegra also finances private capital loans on multi-family and residential investment properties.

Montegra’s extensive lending experience has resulted in the development of a lending philosophy based upon 5 core values: speed, flexibility, fair pricing, minimal red tape, and no surprises.  Montegra strongly believes in these core values and that staying true to them allows us to better serve both our borrowers and our investors.

Hard Money Loans

As a leading lender in the private capital hard money industry, Montegra strives to offer the lowest competitive hard money loan rates available and is always willing to adapt our loan programs to fit the needs of a mercurial commercial real estate industry.  The fast-paced changes of this industry require new, creative, flexible lending strategies that offer our borrower the best choices in the hard money lending market.

Today, with opportunities to purchase properties at below market value, Montegra is proud to introduce our Smart Buyer Loan Program. The Smart Buyer Loan Program allows borrowers to unlock additional capital when they need it most.  Contact Montegra to learn more about this program as well as the myriad other hard money lending options that we offer.

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