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Commercial Mortgages: 101

12 Red Flags that a Loan Offer Is a Scam: Part 1

Hard money lenders are often accused of being loan sharks, but in reality, they are respectable small business owners who make above-the-board asset-secured loans and conduct due diligence into their borrowers. However, this doesn’t mean that everyone who claims to be a hard money lender actually is one. It’s important to watch out for less […]

What to Expect for Commercial Real Estate Investing Under the New Administration

Although it’s still early on in the new president’s term, there are already some indicators as to how the real estate market may be affected in the short term. Here are some of the indicators to keep an eye on in the coming months: Increased interest rates. Interest rates tend to be inversely proportional to […]

Beware: CMBS Maturities Up Ahead

The Background From 2005 to 2007, lenders originated over $600 billion in commercial-mortgage-backed securities. Because these loans typically have a ten-year maturity date, this means that the majority of these loans are going to begin maturing in 2015, for a total of over $350 billion. The state of the market immediately preceding the financial crisis […]

Hard Money Loan Approval: Story Trumps Data

Many of the larger traditional mortgage providers are now using sophisticated computer programs to crunch the numbers and determine to whom they will lend and how much. This is often touted as progress and technological advancement, but it is also easy to lose sight of the story behind the data. Bank lenders used to be […]

Improve the Appraisal Value of Investment Real Estate

Getting the best appraisal value for your investment-purpose property is crucial to securing any necessary financing and ensuring that you will be able to eventually sell it for the maximum profit. So how can you ensure that it appraises well? There are six inexpensive tips that can add hundreds, or even thousands, to your property’s […]

Cash-Out Loan 101

As a commercial real estate investor, you probably hear a lot about private capital loans and bridge loans, but hard money lenders offer a diverse assortment of loans that banks and other institutional lenders normally will not fund. The cash-out loan is one such type of financing. Here’s a brief explanation of what they are, […]

How to Invest in Private Mortgage Funds: Part 2

Investment Options There are three main ways to get started investing in a private mortgage fund: Make a direct investment into a professionally managed mortgage fund. This is the safest, and least time-consuming, option for investors as all of the day-to-day management responsibilities (including underwriting, originating, and servicing loans) as well as dealing with any […]

How to Invest in Private Mortgage Funds: Part 1

What is a mortgage investment fund? Private mortgage investment funds offer investors an alternative asset investment choice when diversifying their portfolio while offering income producing instruments. This type of alternative investment also gives investors a way to invest in a more passive method than a direct purchase of commercial real estate. This blog will be […]

SNDA Agreements: What on earth is this? Why is it important for tenants?

If you’re borrowing funds which will be secured by a commercial property that you will in turn lease out to tenants, then a subordination, non-disturbance and attornment (SNDA) agreement will be a crucial part of finalizing the deal. As with other aspects of the loan underwriting and real estate purchase process (such as title insurance), […]

Using Bridge Loans to Rescue Problem Properties

Bridge loans in Colorado are becoming increasingly popular as the financing option for properties that would previously be considered impossible to fund. Bridge loans have both pros and cons, which borrowers should make themselves aware of before deciding to pursue this avenue of financing. What is a Bridge Loan? This is a form of temporary […]