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Hard Money: Advanced

Asking the Right Questions to Get the Right Lender for Your Next Deal

Are you trying to acquire a problem property with promising potential value after improvements or stabilization? Is your property located in a secondary or tertiary market? Are you in need of a non-recourse loan? Are there problems with your credit history that you’d like to explain to your lender? Do you need additional funds to […]

Why Private Lenders Finance Loans Bank Lenders Are Afraid to Approve

Borrowers can end up feeling like they’re caught between a rock and a hard place when unforeseen issues arise (such as a lingering lien, a property with zoning issues, or a pending bankruptcy) in the midst of applying for a loan from a traditional lender and that lender walks away from the deal. This is […]

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Investing in Real Estate

Real estate investing can be very exciting, but it does take some work to be successful. Here are five common mistakes that investors should try to avoid making when purchasing commercial and investment-purpose real estate: Fail to account for all costs and expenditures. Many investors forget to include transaction costs (which can be as much […]

Top 3 Exit Strategies for Hard Money Loans

One of the key questions that your hard money lender will expect you to be able to answer when you submit your loan request is how you plan to exit, or pay off, the loan. It is essential to have at least one exit strategy for your hard money loan, and it’s not a bad […]

Using Hard Money to Invest in Transitional Properties

Although the surplus of transitional properties available in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis has largely returned to normal levels, there are still many opportunities to make such investments, and hard money loans can help to ease the acquisition process. What Qualifies as Transitional? There are a wide range of properties that can qualify […]

Why Get a Cash-Out Loan for Your Rental Property?

Although banks are rarely willing to allow borrowers to cash out the equity in a property unless the funds will be used to improve that property, hard money and private capital lenders are often willing to approve such loan requests. For the savvy real estate investor, cash-out loans can be a useful tool to leverage […]

Taking a Three-Pronged Approach to Valuing Properties

There are three primary facets of property value that must be considered and weighed to understand the big-picture value of your investment property.   Distinct qualities that can be quantified: Valuation begins with the most obvious, easily quantifiable characteristics of a property, such as age, size, layout, etc. These qualities have exact measurements that cannot […]

After-Repair Value and Hard Money Loans

One of the greatest differentiators between hard money lenders and institutional lenders is that hard money lenders are willing to consider after-repair value (ARV) while institutional lenders will only consider as-is value when they are determining your loan amount. What is after-repair value? ARV is the estimated value of a property once all repairs and […]

Why Hard Money Is Good for Distressed Property Deals

There are many reasons why hard money loans can be useful to borrowers who want to purchase distressed properties, whether they are commercial or non-owner-occupied residential properties. Hard money loans allow purchasers to offer cash to the seller, which can provide leverage in price negotiations, and can usually be underwritten in weeks rather than months, […]

Reputable Private Capital Bridge Lenders Are Gaining Popularity

Private capital lenders (also sometimes called “hard money lenders”) are increasingly in demand to provide loans for most types of commercial real estate transactions—everything from simple investment-purpose residential properties to large-scale mixed use construction projects, from undeveloped land purchases to cash-out loans on retail properties. Why are they keeping so busy? It’s the approach that […]