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Hard Money: The Basics

8 Reasons You Might Need a Hard Money Loan

The common belief that hard money loans are the sole province of those with bad credit is a myth that should be discarded. Savvy commercial real estate investors know that, with the tightening of federal regulations for banks, oftentimes even the most well-planned projects and financial-strong borrowers get rejected, so hard money loans are an […]

8 Facts You Might Not Know About Hard Money Loans and Lenders

Hard money lenders often get a bad rap that is largely undeserved. As with any industry, there are a few predatory practitioners, but the vast majority of hard money and private capital lenders are reputable lenders who want to help borrowers, not take advantage of them. Here are some facts to counter the myths that […]

Trust and the Underwriting Process

Regardless of the type of lender (private or traditional), their initial interest in a loan is based on how the borrower characterizes the property and project to them in the initial pitch. The primary purpose of the underwriting process is to verify this depiction and confirm that the reality of the situation matches what sparked […]

Five Myths About Real Estate Investing Debunked

If you’re new to real estate investments, it can be hard to sift through all of the contradictory advice floating around and separate the wheat from the chaff.  Here are five of the most common real estate investing myths debunked: You must have the full amount in cash to purchase a foreclosure property. While this […]

5 Questions to Help Find the Right Hard Money Lender

Before submitting your hard money loan request, there are five important questions you should ask your hard money lender: Are you a direct lender who controls your own funds? There are some brokers who masquerade as lenders, but who aren’t actually lending their own funds. Instead, they act as a middleman between the actual lender […]

Hard Money Loans Can Be High-End Financing

Although hard money or bridge loans got a bad rap during the housing crisis, often seen as coming from possibly disreputable sources, they are no longer the sole domain of the low-end house-flipper or the bad-credit borrower. In the post-housing crisis lending market, hard money loans are frequently used by savvy investors looking to fund […]

6 Tips to Improve Your Hard Money Loan Closing Experience

When it comes to working with private capital (hard money) lenders, first impressions count. Unlike traditional lenders where borrowers only interact with a middleman, a private lender is typically one of the decision makers who you need to convince to believe in you, your property, and your plan in order to gain their approval on […]

Using Cash-Out Bridge Loans to Expand Your Real Estate Investment Portfolio

One of the popular real estate investing strategies for new investors is to invest sequentially—buy one property, fix it up, sell it for a profit, put that money into a better property, and then repeat. However, if you have an income-producing property that is producing a steady cash-flow and it is paid off or has […]

What Do Hard Money Lenders Look for in a Borrower?

An important part of getting your requests approved by a hard money lender is knowing what they are looking for so that you can send the right deals their way and present them with the right information about those deals. Here are three qualities that hard money lenders are looking for in a borrower that […]

How to Distinguish Between Legitimate Lender Fees and Fee Scams

With the rise in upfront-fee scams in the bridge-lending market, it has become difficult for borrowers to distinguish between legitimate, reputable lenders and the bad apples, and the borrowers who do get scammed become wary of other bridge lenders in the future. As a borrower, the best way to avoid getting scammed is to understand […]