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Montegra is a direct Colorado hard money lender.  This is important in so far as Montegra controls the funds and makes the decisions in house.  All too often companies represent themselves as “direct lenders” when in fact they do not have the ability to make decisions and fund loans.  Montegra acts as the General Partner of a large Limited Partnership, with the sole purpose of providing private capital to invest in hard money real estate loans for commercial and investment-purpose residential properties.  While Montegra can work with borrowers directly, Montegra also has long-term valued relationships with many hard money brokers in the Denver metro area.

Why Hard Money Loan Brokers Choose Montegra

Montegra has been working closely with hard money brokers in Denver for more than 45 years.  Montegra has been in business for as long, if not longer, than any other private capital lender in the U.S.

Montegra strives to maintain hard money loan rates that are at the low end of the private capital loan rate spectrum.  Our current rates on improved properties fall between 10% and 11% (payable interest only) with 2 to 3 year terms and options to renew may be available as well.  Montegra also funds land acquisition loans at slightly higher rates.

Montegra puts everything in writing for our brokers and their clients.  Our term sheets and commitment letters always include the loan broker’s fee in addition to the fees charged by Montegra.  This ensures that you, as the broker, will receive your fee at the loan closing while making certain that your client knows the exact terms and costs of their hard money loan.

When you broker a hard money loan with Montegra, you will always deal with the decision maker, not a loan committee, and encounter as little red tape as possible.  A term sheet is typically provided within 24 hours of receiving the loan application and most loans are closed within 2 to 4 weeks.  Montegra does not exaggerate what we can accomplish and always makes good on promises and commitments.

Montegra is an asset-based lender rather than a credit-based lender.  The value of the property and its loan-to-value (LTV) ratio are the main criteria on which our loan approvals are based.

Montegra uses “fair market value” appraisals – not “quick sale value” appraisals.  This results in more funds for your client.  There are many more situations in which a private capital loan from Montegra can help you with your lending needs when a traditional lender can not.

Montegra’s loan amounts range from $200,000 and $4,000,000 with loan fees between 2% and 4%.  Our LTV ratios go as high as 65% of appraised value on income-producing properties and up to 60% of appraised value on commercial land that is zoned with entitlements.  Please note that Montegra only funds first-position mortgages and does not fund second-position loans under any circumstance.

Montegra will collect your broker’s fee, which is paid by the borrower, and pay it to you at the time of closing.

Working with mortgage brokers is the heart of our business at Montegra.  Call Bob Amter or Kim Skari at (303) 377-4181, send us an email, or apply online to learn more about how Montegra can help you close your client’s loan quickly and easily without the red tape of the traditional lending process.