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Montegra Capital Income Fund Goal

The goal of the Montegra Capital Income Fund, L.P. is to strive for capital preservation while at the same time working to provide an attractive monthly income for its investors derived from a portfolio of carefully underwritten first mortgage secured loans.  These loans vary in size from $100,000 to $5,000,000.  The Fund’s General Partner, Trail Ridge Partners, LLC, has the responsibility for making the Fund’s investment decisions and overall management.  The Fund’s General Partner has retained Montegra Capital Resources, LTD to act as the Fund’s loan servicing agent.  While the Fund has generally achieved these goals in the past, there can be no guaranty that it will do so in the future.

There are three Members of the General Partner.  Bob Amter, the founding Member, created and has managed Montegra for 44 consecutive years.  He has personally supervised the funding over $500,000,000 of private capital loans during his career and is closely involved in all loan underwriting decisions.  Kim Skari, Montegra’s Vice President, has worked with Mr. Amter for over ten years.  Prior to her employment with Montegra she worked at Land Title in Denver as a commercial closer.  Ms. Skari is active in all aspects of loan underwriting and also manages the Fund’s accounting side.  John Richert, the third Member of the LLC that acts as General Parnter for the Fund, is Managing Director of Terrix Financial.  Terrix Financial is a respected mortgage banking firm in Denver with a 40 year history.  Mr. Richert has worked at Terrix for over 25 years and personally placed over three billion dollars of commercial loans with Terrix’s life insurance investors during his career.  Mr. Richert continues to office at Terrix but meets with Mr. Amter and Ms. Skari on a regular basis to evaluate potential loans.  Mr. Amter and Ms. Skari, along with Briana Tursick, staff the Fund’s office in Denver.  Ms. Tursick has 13 years’ experience in commercial real estate as business manager of a boutique commercial brokerage firm and as an account executive for one of the nation’s largest title companies.

Additional Information

The foregoing is for general informational purposes only and is not an offer to sell any interest in the Fund.  An offer to invest in the Fund is made only by means of the Fund’s Private Placement Memorandum which contains additional details and all terms and conditions of an offer.  The Private Placement Memorandum of Montegra Capital Income Fund, L.P. is available only to investors who meet the SEC’s definition of an Accredited Investor.  In order to learn how to qualify with Montegra, please email or call Bob Amter or Kim Skari at 303-377-4181.